Customers (excerpt)

The following list contains a number of exemplary projects for our main customers:

Fraport AG

Certificate on the logistical effects and suitable measures regarding a future night flight ban at Frankfurt Main Airport

Determination and development of the air cargo location Frankfurt Main Airport

Development and implementation of new disposition procedures (slot system) for long-haul trucks for the improvement of the export acceptance at Frankfurt Main Airport

Functional- and space optimization of the planned Terminal 3 as part of the architectural contest for Fraport AG

Deutsche Bahn AG

Determination of the air cargo potential at Frankfurt Main Airport for Deutsche Bahn AG

DB Regionalbahn Westfalen GmbH

Project management for the rolling stock acquisition of DB Regionalbahn Westfalen as part of the bidding process for public rail services

DB Regionalbahn Rhein-Ruhr GmbH

Evaluation of rail passenger transfer times for DB Regionalbahn Rhein-Ruhr GmbH



DB Regionalbahn Rheinland GmbH

Project support for „Reorganization of the production department of DB Regionalbahn Rheinland GmbH“

Flughafen Wien AG

Logistics-, spatial- and functional planning for the new Vienna International Airport Air Cargo Center and Handling Center West

Project management Air Cargo Center and Handling Center West at Vienna International Airport

Regionales Dialogforum Flughafen Frankfurt

Implementation concept for the chronological or spatial transfer of air traffic movements during the time of the planned night flight ban at Frankfurt Main Airport

Airmail Center Frankfurt GmbH

Implementation support for the main control system at the Airmail Center Frankfurt

Volkswagen Transport GmbH

Feasibility study for the direct procurement of rail transportation services for Volkswagen Transport GmbH & Co. KG