AirLog GmbH was founded as spin-off of the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in 2000. Due to their year-long professional work, our team benefits from extensive knowledge regarding the processing of logistical tasks.

Core competences of AirLog GmbH are the development and optimization of facilities and processes for airports and other transportation nodes. Due to the integration of our know-how into the planning process at an early stage, we are reaching the goal of seamless goods- and transportation flows coupled with an efficient use of resources.

Our interdisciplinary team of logisticians, computer scientists, spatial planners and architects is supporting your company regarding:

• spatial- and functional planning
• logistics- and process planning
• site development
• transportation and facility planning
• project management
• commissioning and implementation support
• optimization and redesign of organizations
• software specification and -introduction

We will accompany your enterprise from the initial project idea to the final commissioning.

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